What happens if I did not complete the migration to the new CONDAFNE platform?

The next Dec. 31 2018 the current platform of the DAFNE consortium will be definitively switched off. What happens if a company did not complete the migration to the new CONDAFNE platform in time?

No problem: it will always be possible to receive orders through the new CONDAFNE platform!

Indeed, regardless of the actual completion of migration-related tasks, starting from Dec. 27 2018 each ecosystem company will receive the credentials to access the new platform’s monitoring portal. Through this you will then be able to view the orders received and download them (in structured or PDF human-readable format)

Piattaforma Supervisor - Documenti Ricevuti
Piattaforma Supervisor – Documenti Ricevuti

To access the platform you must click here and enter the credentials (which were provided to those who opened the onboarding ticket).

If you want to grant access to the platform to other colleagues, it is necessary to communicate the name, surname, Email and telephone number of your colleagues that will have a user on the new platform by clicking here.

In addition, if a user has to monitor multiple mailboxes, it is important to also report the ID of the mailboxes that need to be monitored.

In the reserved area of our site you can find a short guide to the use of the Supervisor platform.